Friday, November 18, 2005

Auckland MTB XC Chapionship - Race 3

On Sunday November 13, I did race 3 of the Auckland MTB club's XC championship. Unfortunately I didn't do race 1 or 2, so I wont get anywhere in the series, but it seemed like a good fun day out. The race was at Woodhill MTB park which is easily the best MTB park I have ridden in. The surface is sandy - so a little rain is nice - and the tracks are 90% single track and technical as they twist around the trees. My embarrasing results are here...

Here are some photos that Yoshiko took.

What's the last one? That green bike? Well, I finally bit the bullet and bought a new bike. It's a Specialized Epic Comp - though this particular bike was built for a tradeshow (to show the new 2006 lineup) so it's not exactly the same as what you can buy in the shops. In fact, it hasn't even got a serial number - so I hope no-one steals it! It has Fox F100RL forks, and a Brain Lite on the back. The group set is a strange mix of LX (shifters, cranks), XT (disk brakes, front mech) , and XTR (rear mech). The colour is GREEN (in case you didn't notice...)


Shinny said...

Nice ride !

b said...

Thanks mate. :-)