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Some Drivl

The world ended this Friday morning at some point between 8:50am and 9:05 when I arrived at work. I didn't really notice it when I was stuck in traffic on the bypass - the cars are always stationary there, and whether they're filled with dour commuters or vaporized corpses makes no difference.

Apocalypse now!


Hey the Giro is on again. Lets hope not to many of them are taking drugs this year.

Doesn't the Flandisgate thing just suck?

Here are some good places to get your Giro news:

Pez - the best pro-cycling site out there
Cycling News - made in Aussie, but probably the most viewed pro-cycling site
VeloNews - a bit to US focussed for me, but their photo competitions are good. There's a fair bit of video on their site if that's your thing. They even have a podcast that occasionally worth a listen.
Podium Cafe - small, indepdendent, and often interesting.

Have fun.

Love that motor-drive

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Watch out for that treeeeeee

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Love that motor drive

A little bit of wahooooo

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The sun comes out for 5 minutes (the most you ever get at Niseko) so we snap a few pics of carving perfect powder amongst the trees.

I wish I was there now...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Who owns the road here??

Photos from Alaska - September 2001
Looking down from Sharp Peak! What a great view!

A photo from my first trip to Hong Kong in 2001.
My Road Bike

Here's a pic of my road bike. The photo was from when I first bought it - back in 2003.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Man Of The Year

There must be a story here - I'd love to know what it is. :-)

Monday, September 25, 2006

A Sunday Epic

I can’t believe it’s Monday already! How was your weekend?

I had a “can’t be bothered getting out of bed” day on Saturday – and did no training, but eventually Y got me out of the house and we went shopping and other domestic things. It has to be done sometimes. :-)

Sunday I wanted a big bike ride with lots o’ hills (not just this Hills) so I planned to go to Healesville, then up to King Lake and back. It was a fine plan, but I stuffed around and didn’t get out the door until 9am and that was the beginning of a bit of an epic. Let me tell you about it.

I made it out to Healesville quite well and it’s a beautiful ride. Of course it’s Magpie season, so I was swooped a few times, but luckily there was no contact between beak and skin. At Healesville I had a coffee and rested a bit, then rang Y to say that I was going to be back way later than I had thought. As I spoke to her, she said it was hailing in Melbourne, and I though “ha – what’s a little hail? It probably wont come here anyway”. And I headed up to King Lake.

By the time I got to Toolangi, a substantial (though beautiful), climb later, it was about 8 degrees and hard rain interspersed with hail. I was wearing all my clothing – which was just a vest, short pants, arm warmers and undershirt, and I was cold. I had to wear my sun glasses to keep the hail off my face, but it was dark and they were wet so I couldn’t see much. The high winds of the storm were blowing big branches off the trees so I had to dodge around those – hoping all the while that one wouldn’t actually hit me! My cold legs were still driving me pretty well so I made reasonable time up the hill. I had to in order to stay warm.

At Toolangi there was a sign saying 2km to King Lake. Oh wait, with the fogged-up sunglasses off that says *21km* to get to King Lake. I stop in the middle of the road to absorb this and am nearly taken out by a rally car from the Rally of Melbourne which was on this weekend. My plan then was to descend through St Andrews to Eltham and then get a train. As I climbed through to King Lake it was around 5 degrees (still raining hard) and I was pedalling fast to stay warm. I couldn’t feel my hands or feet so changing gear or braking was hard. I was so glad I had the iPod as it really kept me focussed on riding to stay warm rather than feeling sorry for myself.

A detached part of my brain was observing myself going through the stages of hypothermia but I knew that a) there wasn’t much I could do about it here, b) when I got to King Lake I could go into a café and warm up again, and c) if I got too bad I’d flag down a passing car (hopefully not one of the rally cars since they don’t have a rear seat) and get a lift. My criteria for “too bad” was if I fell off the bike because I couldn’t steer anymore. I was in a bad way.

Finally I reached King Lake and staggered about to find the warmest café that I could go to without feeling awkward in my dripping wet cycle clothing. There I ordered the biggest hot chocolate I could find. I sat nearly on top of the combustion stove and shivered so hard I couldn’t drink the hot chocolate. After a while I slowly started to thaw out, and realised that there was no way that I could safely do the descent to St Andrews in my condition – I was sure to miss a corner and hurt myself badly.

As I was thinking this, a party of 5 elderly hikers came in, and one came over to the fire to dry herself off. We started chatting a bit and I enthusiastically agreed that I was pretty cold (this was probably very obvious anyway!). She eventually went back to have coffee with her friends and then came back a bit later and said “can you take your bike apart?” Gears whirred and clicked in my brain and I said “If you’re offering me a lift, then the answer is yes please!”. Sure enough, they were heading for Eltham and were offering to drive me there. I jumped at the chance and ordered another hot chocolate while they finished their coffee.

We got the 4 of us and my bike into one of their cars (a Subaru Legacy wagon - yay for the suby!) and headed off. It turned out that the driver – who’s name I have completely forgotten to my shame – didn’t like the King Lake–St. Andrews road so she was going via Whittlesea. That route takes us much closer to my place than Eltham, so somewhere around Mernda I asked them to drop me off, and after checking that I really was in a fit state to ride again, they went on their way.

By that time, the rain had stopped and there were actually patches of blue sky (typically changeable Melbourne weather!). It was also a good 6-7 degrees warmer down out of the hills, and the only thing stopping the ride being pleasant was the blistering headwind and that my legs were absolutely shattered. I fuelled myself with as much carbs as I could fit and heaps of water and crawled painfully the 30km home. I arrived at about 4pm, dirty, late, wet and still cold – and never was a hot shower more welcome.

All in all, one of the least fun rides I’ve done, but the route was superb and I can’t wait to try it again in good weather! Without the hypothermia and rescue that is.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Best Ads on TV

Some great ads in here - I really liked the Carlton Draught one "A Big Ad". Have a look through when you've got some time. (oh, and you'll need to have the speakers turned on as these are TV ads - so it may not be suitable for secret browsing at work...)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Team Phreddie reunion at Shannons

Lee back from Milano
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I'm up in Tokyo for a few days and luckily I was able to catch up with a few of Team Phreddie for a pint or three at the beloved Shannons. It was a great night - and fantastic to catch up with Shinny, Lee, Cliff and Shohei (in order of arrival).


Random Reviewer

Evaluating Everything, Eventually.

The Fat Cyclist Blog

Here's a nice blog by a sel-proclaimed fat cyclist. It's frequently entertaining, sometimes funny, sometimes interesting. Its worth checking the comments too - they can be as good (or better) than the posts.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

MTB reunion at Hitachi

060709 057
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On a flying visit back to Japan I managed to meet up with Phreddie, Kawamura-san, and Flo for a day of great (but wet) MTB in our favourite area: Hitachi. The wet ground made some of the trail hard to ride - and parts that we have regularly "cleaned" in the dry, we were forced to carry through. Hmmm - or perhaps we need to improve our skills a bit!

Also Phreddie managed to touch some moss on the peach (or plum) trees that he is alergic to - and broke out in lots of spots! Itchy!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Auckland MTB XC Chapionship - Race 3

On Sunday November 13, I did race 3 of the Auckland MTB club's XC championship. Unfortunately I didn't do race 1 or 2, so I wont get anywhere in the series, but it seemed like a good fun day out. The race was at Woodhill MTB park which is easily the best MTB park I have ridden in. The surface is sandy - so a little rain is nice - and the tracks are 90% single track and technical as they twist around the trees. My embarrasing results are here...

Here are some photos that Yoshiko took.

What's the last one? That green bike? Well, I finally bit the bullet and bought a new bike. It's a Specialized Epic Comp - though this particular bike was built for a tradeshow (to show the new 2006 lineup) so it's not exactly the same as what you can buy in the shops. In fact, it hasn't even got a serial number - so I hope no-one steals it! It has Fox F100RL forks, and a Brain Lite on the back. The group set is a strange mix of LX (shifters, cranks), XT (disk brakes, front mech) , and XTR (rear mech). The colour is GREEN (in case you didn't notice...)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Rodney Coast Challenge

I did the Rodney Coast Challenge last weekend, but I forgot to take a camera so I can't show you what it looked like.

It was a short multisport event with 10km run, 30 km road bike, 24 km MTB, and 8km paddle. The run and MTB were on gravel roads (so not that challenging or interesting) and the paddle was on the totally flat Puhoi river. The road bike was probably the most fun of the event, with reasonably flat roads (except for a BIG hill at the end) and a gentle tail wind. The speeds were really high, and I greatly enjoyed my new aerobars.

Results: I ended up 11th in the open men division in a time of 3:49:20 - which I was pretty pleased with. One of the guys I paddle with - James Peacock - got 3rd - which was an awesome result.

I can't wait until next year! :-)